Are you looking for a professional tattoo artist to blow your mind with exceptional artwork that

you will be excited to show off and brag about?

Then you have come to the right place!! Cross Over Tattoo Studio offers custom & freehand artistic expertise to our clients.
Whether you are interested in a large piece or small design,  if you want a custom designed piece or have a design already chosen,

the artists at Cross Over Tattoo Studio are eager to use their talents and experience to ensure you get the tattoo you want.
We will gladly take walk-ins when we have time, though usually it is best to have an appointment.

Due to the visual nature of our profession we do not give quotes over the phone or website.

CrossOver Tattoo Studio - Trion Navarxon 36 & Riga Feraiou Patras - Greece

CrossOver Tattoo Studio/ T +30 2610342455/

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